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So, we hear you have interest in learning about the Shoe Search website.  Well, the first thing to tell you is that our website address is www.ShoeSearch.org   You may be wondering why we selected our web address to end in ".org" instead of ".com"  The fact of the matter is that we would have preferred to use ".com"  However, we were simply too late.  Unfortunately, someone else beat us to that address...  So why didn't we pick an entirely different name for the website.  Funny you should ask, we actually have a fairly decent reason.  We are partial to the word "search" because for the past several years we have been developing a clothing industry website called "Apparel Search".  Now that we want to create a website regarding "Shoes" the logical name was "Shoe Search".  Anyway, the .com version was not available so we are going to proceed with the .org.  Well, that is the story about the address of our website.

To learn about our company, you can visit Apparel Search and go to the about us section.

By the way, we also develop other search sites in addition to Apparel Search and Shoe Search.  You are welcome to view our fashion designer site which is appropriately called Designer Search (shoe designers welcome...) and our Fashion Industry Jobs Search website called Fashion Job Search.  From that site you can also post footwear relevant job opportunities or view jobs available at shoe stores, wholesale shoe companies or shoe manufacturers.

If you are only interested in shoes and footwear, you can return to our main page here at Shoe Search and begin your journey.

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